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Impryl is  a dietary supplement and should not be intended as a substitute to a balanced diet. Impryl is presented in the form of tablets, to be assumed with water.

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Impryl is the antioxidant support with methylfolate and methylcobalamin to restore oxy-redox balance, energy production and cell viability for the health of the embryo and of the pregnancy and for a controlled ageing. Several ingredients of Impryl are provided in their already activated form, i.e. downstream to possible genetic weakness of the concerned metabolic enzymes, so to ensure full coverage to everybody independently of their background genetics.

The combined effect of the micronutrients of Impryl is a boost to methylations, which are necessary for key biochemical syntheses including DNA, RNA and key substances like CoQ10 and carnitine and for the process of DNA methylation as part of the epigenetic programming. The increased methylations also result in a strong boost to the endogenous release of glutathione (GSH), a key physiologic antioxidant.

A defective function of methylations and of GSH release has been involved with altered homocysteine metabolism and other disturbances to the defense against oxidative aggressions and are often observed in: men and women with reproductive problems; in women carrying a PCOS syndrome and at pre-menopausal and menopausal stage; in type 2 diabetes; in subjects developing neurodegenerative diseases; in subjects undergoing intensive activity and energy expenditure, e.g. athletes; and in vegans and vegetarians. Due to the full coverage of all the needs for the folate/homocysteine pathway, Impryl® can be used for pre-conceptional supplementation for both partners and pregnancy supplementation for the pregnant ladies.

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